What are Facebook Rooms and How it works?

Facebook Rooms is a new thing from Facebook that’s been launched on Facebook in a new way without even any leaks. While you read this article, you will start reading Facebook warnings from users that this is a bad feature and something like this. The publication often starts with “beware.” In this article we will talk about this feature. And is it really bad. So you know everything about this feature you see.

What are Facebook Rooms?

The feature that Facebook adds to the app and is a feature like Zoom. It is about a zoom application. You can create a chat room where your friends are gathered. For video, audio, and chat conversations that are featured in this feature, you can adjust the chat room so that anyone with the room link can enter it. You don’t just need room members to be friends on Facebook. Or even from Facebook members themselves.

facebook rooms

Facebook Rooms is easy to use. Easy to create. With the Facebook app, you can create a chat room with a small button that appears above Facebook Stories only. From this, you can set the room so that you choose who enters it and get a link to the room and other things important to share the room


Now what’s in mind will this affect our privacy. Facebook is not the best privacy reputation. This feature will of course depend entirely on the camera and the microphone. But is this an advantage that violates your privacy? Short answer No you will not enter any chat room without choosing it. This feature will not affect your privacy as a user. It will not affect your privacy at all. So there is no need to fear this feature.

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