How to use Group Video Chat on WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently launched a new update that allows Group Video Chat to be used with a group of people at once. With this feature, you can work Group Video Chat with 8 people at once.

Of course this characteristic comes to coincide with the steps of the whole world in the process of reducing mixing and gatherings in an attempt to confront the virus of the corona and the spread of the fierce virus, God has helped us and you.

Of course, making such a possible The property through WhatsApp is very important because it is one of the most commonly used applications in quick conversations and business conversations so it’s very useful for users to reduce the number of applications loaded and using them.

How to use Group Video Chat on WhatsApp


To take advantage of this feature and enjoy it all you need to do is follow the steps below that we will mention in this article.

But before that, make sure of two important conditions:

  • All participants in this group must have the latest existing version of WhatsApp and you can download it from here Android | iPhone
  • Everyone you want to talk to at one time must be in one group
  • The person who starts the conversation must be friends and record the phone number of all team members and the group that will enter the conversation.

Now to the steps to operate this feature:

  • Enter the chats and where you want to make the first video call, and then click on the Video Call button
  • You will realize that there is a button near the peak of the participant window to bring another person when accepting the call.
  • Here you have to speak to the second individual and then the third and so on until the eighth.

By following this steps you can make a group video chat on WhatsApp with 8 peoples per call

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