How To Sideload Apps And Games On Quest Oculus


How To Sideload Apps And Games On Quest Oculus

The Oculus Quest is a standalone VR headset that can display games and applications without a desktop. You usually install games and apps through the Oculus Store, but you can also upload casual apps using a computer.

Where to find the Sideloadable applications

Because you’ll need the APK file for the same application to upload, you’ll need a place to get it. The best informal record of lateral loading applications is SideQuest, an alternate store for Quest applications. While some are paid, most applications on SideQuest are completely free.

Warning : As always when loading applications aside – or simply downloading software from the Web – you should make sure that you only download applications from sources you trust.

SideQuest has a separate desktop application that handles the actual side-loading process. You can send applications directly to SideQuest from the website, which will install them directly on the Oculus Quest, provided that it is connected to your computer.

In addition to sideloading, SideQuest has tools to send ADB commands, browse device files, and change device settings. You’re also not limited to apps from SideQuest – you can upload anything you have an APK file for.

How To Sideload Apps And Games On Quest Oculus

First, you’ll need to turn on developer mode to allow side loading. There is no switch for this from within the headset, only from the Oculus app for iPhone, iPad or Android. Select Settings from the app, click on the headset (you may have to turn it on), and select more Settings.

Oculus recently started asking people to register for their developer program to turn on developer mode. This is completely free, but you will be redirected to its website where you will be asked to log in and create a new “foundation”. You can simply enter your name and return to the settings.

Once your organization is created, you may have to turn the key over again. Once it’s actually turned on, you’ll need to restart your headset to apply the changes. Once it is backed up, you will be asked to allow USB debugging, which will allow side loading. Select “always allow”.

Next, download and install the SideQuest app on your computer. Once loaded, you should see the headset connected in the upper corner. If it is not connected, you may need to install the Quest Oculus application to install the appropriate drivers for your headset.
Headset connected

Once connected, you can load applications by installing them from the same application, or installing from the website (which will open SideQuest), Or by manually installing the APK from the controls on the top right.

If you want to uninstall apps, you can do so from SideQuest as well. Click the Applications menu under Controls, and select Uninstall application from the application settings.

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