In this essay we will explain the solution of the problem of Instagram Story Upload.

Instagram Story is one of the most important things that will bring you to the Instagram platform, where nearly 500 million accounts daily raise a Story in which they take shots of his daily life, whether it’s video, photos or Share an event and commercial accounts may use it to advertise and advertise their product offerings.

Currently, Instagram Story over 30% of your content and what you post in this curtain stays there for 24 hours and disappears afterwards to go to the “Archive”.

But in the last period, there is a lot of failure, as it will either take a long time Even then it fails or you get a “Upload failed” message.

How Fix Instagram Story Upload Problem
How Fix Instagram Story Upload Problem [2020]

How Fix Instagram Story Upload Problem

Try To Upload Instagram Story

Yes, it is a simple attempt that may not need explanation or even mention, but if the faults are caused by the servers, after being resolved, you can easily upload Instagram story again.

Use Wi-Fi and close Mobile Data or vice versa

In Sometimes, Wi-Fi or Mobile Data problems may cause the Internet connection to fail and you may not know, you should try it. More than 50% of these problems are caused by this.

Restart the application

Restarting can make the application work another time if you use iPhone you will press the main button, drag your Instagram and then restart again if you are Using Android by clicking on the application tray will open the applications on the back Choose Instagram and drag it up or tap the X at the top of the page on the left depending on your Android phone type.

Update your Instagram Application

Like most apps, Instagram can cause problems or errors Following an update to address these issues and after updating, the app runs normally without problems and you can do so through the App Store if you’re using iOS or Google Play if you’re using Android.

Delete and reinstall Instagram

The last solution you can use if you still facing this problem with the experience of all the solutions above is to delete the application from your phone, reinstall it from the store once and then log in to it and register your account to see if the problem has already been resolved, but in most cases it may be resolved in that way.

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