Download Google Camera V7.3 For Redmi Note 9S

Not long ago, Xiaomi launched her latest mid-range phone from Redmi Note 9S. The camera here was one of the most distinguishing things in the phone due to its low price. The new phone came with the new camera design that contained four lenses, one of them is a 48-Megapixel primary. And, after trying out the phone users, you can take some impressive photos thanks to the impressive photo processing of Xiaomi. But what did you tell you you could get better performance from your camera? Well, try installing Google Camera for Redmi Note 9S and you’ll be surprised by the unexpected results!

Download Google Camera V7.3 For Redmi Note 9S

Redmi Note 9S (Google Camera)

The official MIUI app is really a great choice if you want to use it, especially with the many details it can show inside the shot in good light conditions, but it still shows that it’s a mid-range phone.

So, because these properties exist, You can simply use any other camera application you prefer with the same powers as the official camera application, so there is no better choice to start using the latest official Google Camera app with the V7.3 version number that has been pulled from the latest Google Phone Pixel 4.

  • Shoot with the popular night sight mode for night photography.
  • Portrait shooting capability.
  • Photosphere property.
  • Support for RAW shooting such as DSLR cameras.
  • HDR+ shooting position for low light.
  • Panorama shots.
  • Lens Blur shooting.
  • Google Lens features for instant translation and text extraction.

Download Google Camera For Redmi Note 9S

One of the best things on most of the Xiaomi phones, Redmi recently came with the Camera2 API features enabled by default as mentioned before, meaning you don’t need to open the bootloader and making root to activate them manually as you need with the Redmi Note 5 phone as an example. So with these features you can simply download and install the Google Camera APK as simple as installing any APK file without any complications.

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