Download Google Camera V7.3 For Realme 6, 6 Pro

Download Google Camera V7.3 For Realme 6, 6 Pro
Download Google Camera V7.3 For Realme 6, 6 Pro

Since its separation from the Oppo brand, Realme has become a very fierce company, especially since its launch of the Realme 5, 5 Pro phone in 2018. And I add more hair to the house, the company’s last phones, Realme 6, 6 Pro have come even stronger than its predecessors, whether in the most powerful processing chip , Or even its 64MP rear camera and its powerful hardware, also don’t forget the 90Hz refresh rate for a mid-range phone screen.

The excellent thing now is that you can use this camera even better since there is a version of the Pixel 4 camera available for the phone. So, below, download Google Camera for the Realme 6, 6 Pro phone, then you can learn about the best camera settings on the phone.

Realme 6 , 6 Pro (Google Camera)

By installing Google Camera for Realme 6 & 6 Pro you will have many things that the official Realme camera app lacks such as astrophotography (the ability to take pictures of the moon and stars), Night Sight mode for night photography, PhotoSphere, Slow Motion feature for slow photography, Playground features AR for augmented reality, support for RAW imaging such as DSLR camera, HDR + mode, panorama, Google Lens features, and much more.

The developments and software developed by a giant the size of Google within the exclusive imaging application for Pixel phones only should give you a simple idea of ​​the extraordinary capabilities of image processing inside. Therefore, you may have noticed that many XDA forum programmers and developers have tried to make (modified versions) of the Pixel Camera app for users to install and use it on other Android phones. So, the only reason you’ll be able to use the Google Camera app is because a developer actually tried to do that.

Google Camera - Realme 6 (Pro)
Google Camera – Realme 6 (Pro)

Download Google Camera For Realme 6 (Pro)

Days after the release of the last Realme phones, the developers have modified a version of the camera to work on these phones. And the fact that they both come with Qualcomm chipsets, this process has not been difficult since these processors are strongly supported and found in many other phones. After trying several versions of the camera, only two were the best and most stable.

The special thing here is that you will not need to activate the features of Camera2 API in the recent Realme 6 Pro phones, as they come from factory-activated, which means that you will not need to open the boot loader or make the root until you can install Google Camera, so obtaining a distinct imaging experience will be as much The simplicity of installing the APK file only. Finally, download the appropriate Google Camera version for your phone from the following links:

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