Download Google Camera V6.1 For Samsung Galaxy M31


Samsung Galaxy M31

Galaxy M31 may seem like a simple update compared to the earlier version of Galaxy M30s, but for an incomprehensible reason it has been one of Samsung’s best medium-class phones since its launch so far. The main features of the M31 are the camera as it came with a 64-Megapixel prime lens compared to the 48-Megapixels resolution of the M30s. The phone allows its users to take some impressive photos with the official Samsung Camera app, but it will never match Google Camera at all levels. So now you can install Samsung M31’s Camera Google app with step-by-step steps down.

Samsung Galaxy M31 (Google Camera)

Galaxy M31 has Samsung’s Exynos processor, and unfortunately there are very few modified Google Camera versions supporting this processor. Currently, only the Google Camera 6.1 app is the version running on your Samsung M31 next to version 6.3 and is also downloadable, but we will still update the download links below as soon as any other versions of the camera are available. Talk about what you’ll get if you’ve installed Google Camera on your phone, They are:

  • Shoot with the popular night sight mode for night photography.
  • Portrait shooting capability.
  • Photosphere property.
  • Support for RAW shooting such as DSLR cameras.
  • HDR+ shooting position for low light.
  • Panorama shots.
  • Lens Blur shooting.
  • Google Lens features for instant translation and text extraction.

Download Google Camera For Samsung Galaxy M31

If you don’t know, Samsung Galaxy M31 was one of Samsung’s most sold phones in a long time, due to its good internal hardware at a low price. The phone is also capable of taking great photos with the 4-lens rear camera. After some search, we found that there were two versions of Google Camera that could be installed on the phone, version 6.1 as well as 6.3. The credit here is due to ARNOVA8G2 programrs as well as URNYX05 to modify these versions to work on the phone.

The only negative thing in the versions available for the phone is that it works in all its properties other than night sight and also Portrait because unfortunately the phone does not have the characteristics of the Camera2 API enabled by default. You will need to operate them manually by first opening the bootloader, then making root for your phone.

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