Download Google Camera V7.3 For Nokia 8.3 5G

Download Google Camera V7.3 For Nokia 8.3 5G
Download Google Camera V7.3 For Nokia 8.3 5G

Download Google Camera V7.3 For Nokia 8.3 5G phone HMD Global announced in March 2020 the launch of both the Nokia 5.3 5G and Nokia 8.3 5G under the medium price category with high capabilities, as both of them came with a powerful performance processor Snapdragon 765G processor, which works with the latest operating system The world Android system 10.

It is worth noting that they both carry a 64-megapixel rear camera with a resolution of 64 megapixels, which are available with tremendous advantages, but if you love to take pictures with professionalism and excellence, we have provided you with the possibility to get that and this by providing the application GCam Pixel 4 to capture the most beautiful pictures This is the topic of our article today, Download Google Camera to Nokia 8.3 5G.

Nokia 8.3 5G (Google Camera)

Nokia 8.3 manufacturer has been keen to release it with high quality specifications, the most prominent of which is the launch of a four-lens rear camera where the main lens comes from them with 64 megapixels and it is for wide photography as the second lens came with a very wide resolution of 12 megapixels while the third lens came Macro With a precision of 2 megapixels, while the fourth lens was provided with a resolution of 2 megapixels in addition to a depth sensor.

And the back camera of the Nokia 8.3 was distinguished by its HDR quality in addition to the preparation of ZEISS Optics in addition to the ability to record 4K videos, so that the default camera for the Nokia 8.3 comes with many features such as Night Sight mode, and despite all these features, it does not match the splendor and beauty Google Camera, a camera that gives you unique images, and this is due to the amazing and endless features that the GCam application camera enjoys, and we will get to know them in the next lines.

Google Camera V7.3 Features

  • Shoot with the popular night sight mode for night photography.
  • Portrait shooting capability.
  • Photosphere property.
  • Support for RAW shooting such as DSLR cameras.
  • HDR+ shooting position for low light.
  • Panorama shots.
  • Lens Blur shooting.
  • Google Lens features for instant translation and text extraction.

Download Google Camera V7.3 For Nokia 8.3

It is considered one of the best and most beautiful features of modern Nokia mobile phones, that each of them is available with the Camera2 API feature, as it works on it by default, and of course the same applies to the newly announced Nokia 8.3 5G mobile and found the Camera2 API feature made it easy to download the GCam application Accordingly, and fortunately, the efforts of the developers have paid off and they have found two versions of GCam 7.3 compatible with the Nokia 8.3 mobile and they are working on it in an excellent way to capture the most beautiful and most unique images and we have provided you with links to download them below as we promise you that we will always update the article Issuing more of them immediately available.

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