Best iTunes Alternatives on Windows 10 [2020]

You’ll need to look for iTunes alternatives on Windows 10 to manage your iPhone in a good and easy way without having to deal with the complex Apple software that greatly limits your mobile device’s control and so you won’t be allowed to copy specific files and many other things that limit your enjoyment of the device.

Of course For Mac OS users, iTunes is the best and easiest for them because it comes installed and they should use it with different multimedia files on their device. But for Windows 10 users, it’s a little different and we should look for appropriate alternatives to use with iPhone and today We will mention 3 of the best alternatives we have experienced and it was very convenient to try.

Best iTunes Alternatives on Windows 10

The software we will mention today is mostly free and we will mention the opposite in case it works with all iPhone devices of any kind or version.

Waltr 2

One of the best software to help you connect your phone to your computer, coordinate and backup your mobile phone with WiFi or a Lightning cable for iPhone.

The software is very good in the process of transferring files between the computer and the phone, because it distributes Files, organize and learn automatically without any intervention from you. While you will need to choose the right program to read the file you want to transfer with this program, you will not need it, and all you need is just to take the file and put it, the phone and the program will do the rest.

The software comes in one paid and one free copy and you can download it from here.


Now we’re talking about the second level of professionalism, not just the process of transferring files from your computer to your iPhone, but the whole phone management.

This software lets you manage your entire phone from a backup of your contacts to a resolution of issues you may encounter, such as the Stock at Bootup or Recovery Mode Looping and other issues and issues.

Also, with the software, you can back up and back up your phone and clear important files and data that you don’t want to access after you sell your phone permanently.

The software is free and you can download it from here.

3u Tools

Personally, I have relied on this program since I acquired the first iPhone. The program is very special and easy to use and is completely free and does not include any hidden tricks or means of getting money.

With this software you can handle everything on your iPhone from backing up, reloading, installing, or even downloading files and settings Easily and securely install system updates in the best way possible and most importantly, you can transfer files of any kind to, control, remove, and install the software you want from the software interface.

The program offers a wide range of features and I recommend that everyone use and upload it to their devices, being one of the best on the square Launch.

You can download the software from here.

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