Best Free VPN Apps for Android [2020]

Best Free VPN Apps for Android [2020]
Best Free VPN Apps for Android [2020]
Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are among the best security tools to rely on while surfing the Internet. You can use it to encrypt all your downloads, uploads, emails, and also change your IP address so that you cannot be recognized effectively. You may be allowed to watch content that is not available in your country. Many people use it to overcome geographic limitations with different types of content.

Best Free VPN Apps for Android

With this, we’ll show you the Best Free VPN Apps for Android you can use for free


The IPVanish application is a perfect app with over 750 servers across all continents. Unlike most third-party VPN service providers, the IPVanish service owns and manages 100 percent of the devices and network software. This service also provides some of the most features you will not find in other services.while the IPVanish service promises that there will be no registration of any of its customers’ data or activity online.

Ultra Surf VPN

Free app on PlayStore offers free, fast and unlimited VPN service on your Android, without the need to register or do any pre-actions all you have to do is to click the Play button to activate the service. .

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN 100% free app and high speed unlimited you can securely browse online content and unblock websites and videos that are not available in your country.

VPN Speed

VPN Speed is the fastest and stable VPN, connect to more than 22 countries worldwide with a single tap get unlimited, free 100% bandwidth and enable you to use P2P and Torrent without disclosing your identity.

Unseen Online

A great app for anyone who wants to access content that is usually blocked in their area, or who wants to encrypt their data traffic while browsing is free and unlimited.

Cloud VPN

A free application enables you to change your IP address, open all blocked sites and also blocked applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, Skype and many of the applications that may be blocked in your country.


This app is really great, it’s totally free and unlimited so you can unblock sites, apps and content, speed up your connection, and keep your activities safe and also has a private browser.

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