Best Free Calling Apps for Android and iPhone [2020]

In this post we’ll share a list of the best free calling apps for Android and iPhone. You can download any and enjoy free unlimited calls anywhere for no money. Since mobile technology was invented decades ago, the proportion of calls among people has risen crazy. The demand for voice and video calls is increasing every year, and as technologies such as recently announced 5G networks are progressing, technology will become the direction of humanity in the near future. However, as voice and video calls increase, this has resulted in ever-increasing charges for voice and video calls, leading to the fact that some pay their carriers invoices in tens, even hundreds of dollars each month.

In our view, if all people around the world pay for the introduction of Internet service at home and the subscription to the Internet service provided by carriers on cellular phones, it makes little sense to continue to adhere to traditional voice communication methods over cellular networks. The idea of Wi-Fi-based call exchanges has been a good thing. But to get that service well we need to know what the best applications to consider for this task are. Obviously, there’s a lot to be sure of your voice and video call service.

Well, we’ll cover what we feel like the best free call apps that allow free calls over the air. All apps have already been tried and tested, and we have briefly summarized what is a favorite about each app we’ve chosen and why you might find it interesting. Without further delay, let’s go to our list of top free Android and iPhone calling apps.

Best Free Calling Apps for Android and iPhone

All of the apps below are available for Android and iOS, so if you have friends or loved ones with an iPhone, your needs will not be removed from this list. Another thing to point out is that while these apps don’t consume any of your cellular data, the value of that service will be added to your monthly subscription value. But in most places, users are already paid for unlimited Internet access. In this case, everything about these applications will not cause any excessive financial burdens.


At the top of our list is WhatsApp, This application has been available on many platforms for decades and has been developed over the years. The start of the WhatsApp was like a chat app, and it continued without any voice connectivity until recently. Although it’s a new addition, the voice and video call functions are working well, and are sure to be reliable. You’ll need to make an account within the Watts AB app with your current mobile number so you can open and use the app, but the entire app is a big ecosystem in which all of your friends may already be subscribed.

To see this, once you’ve logged in to the app and you’ve done the steps in your account settings, All of your contacts on your phone and those registered to WhatsApp will also be reviewed so you can communicate with them. Other useful features when you choose your default voice calling app, such as the ability to answer calls in the background without delay, and the ability to make a conference call with a group of friends or family members.

Generally, if you’re already using only Watts to chat, It’s time to try it out as your default calling service. WhatsApp has a character of evictive, so privacy is something you shouldn’t worry about at all. You can download your Android WhatsApp from the Google Play or Apple Store.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the successor to the popular Google Talk app, and everything about the new version is great. Initially, it was built by Google for Android, which means no errors or interruptions, and was developed to receive alerts of new updates that come with exciting features added every few months. You can’t just use Hangouts to make voice calls with your best friends, but it supports more than 10 people in a single video call, which is truly amazing.

Hangouts was apparently originally a message exchange or chat service before adding voice calls. Yet all aspects of Google Hangouts are brilliant and operate flawlessly. All voice calls are so clear that, in our opinion, they are better than WhatsApp, because the service tends to reduce quality for the power of communication. You can make an alert by calling the registrars in your phone’s directory before calling them, even if they are offline, Hangouts will notify them afterwards so they can reply to you as soon as possible.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a great app to use as a standard connection. Despite the recent violent reactions on Facebook to user privacy penetration, Messenger is a self-serving service. The most we love in the Messenger is the unique and impressive user interface. All buttons and switches are large, clear, and have vivid colors. Messenger has strong voice and video call quality, while maintaining the power of communication throughout the talk.

When you don’t use Messenger to contact someone, chatting with them is an enjoyable entertainment tool. Users can enjoy emoticons, stickers, custom GIF files and much more that Facebook Messenger has to offer. The Messenger app recently revealed a great feature from which you can easily send money to your contacts using PayPal or using your credit card directly. All of these features are well connected and effective in a beautiful design that lets you enjoy using it, and with a high touch response to take you beyond everything.


This application is more common in Asian regions than anywhere else in the world. The application has a very boring design, but its communication services are exceptionally distinctive. While using the line app, I found the best quality calls ever based on WiFi. You can also make multiple conference calls, all free of charge without spending any money. Line is also a great chat app, with thousands of poster packages to choose from, and the ability to share photos and videos with your loved ones.


Our latest special list of the top free calling apps, we have our preferred OG – Skype. Although many people believe that the glory days in Skype are over and that the role now is for applications like the WhatsApp, it is still the most frequently used video calls in many ecosystems, including Android. While all other applications in this list are known from the outset as chat applications, Skype has first emerged as a custom application to realize the idea of bringing friends and loved ones together through voice and video calls.

To date, Skype has excellent servers, and with its attractive classical design, It’s really hard to beat Skype to find a better video calling app. Over the years, Skype has also seen developments in his private chat service, offering users the benefit of sharing jokes and exciting news with a click of a button, and has provided users with the dark feature to soothe eyes in the dark.

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