Best Cooking Apps For Android In 2020

In this article, we will list the best cooking and recipe applications for Android In 2020.

Cooking is one of the tasks in which one creates and this task is not limited to women only, but everyone can do them if you have the recipe and ingredients needed to cook what you love, and some consider cooking is a way of creativity and avoiding the trouble of exhausting work, so we have collected for you the best Cooking applications for Android 2020 devices that will help you to try new or other meals that you have eaten at a famous restaurant.


Tasty is one of the best cooking applications for Android 2020 devices, this application offers you more than 3000 unique recipes for cooking and offers you videos that help you to that in addition to written instructions in the videos to help you understand what is happening and do not mind if you are vegetarian, then through the application You can hide all recipes that depend on meat and show vegetarian dishes only, so I don’t mind if you are a beginner, you will find yourself learning fast with Tasty, and it is completely free.

You can download it here.

Food Network Kitchen

Food Network Kitchen is considered one of the best cooking applications for Android 2020 devices due to several things, the most important of which are direct cooking lessons that it offers. It offers more than 25 live cooking lessons every week. These classes are taught by food network stars, award-winning chefs and cooks and book authors. Cooking and even celebrities The application offers more than 80,000 recipes for different meals and through Food Network Kitchen you can get a list of ingredients you need to cook one of the dishes that you liked and the application is free with ads, but if you do the excellent annual subscription to this application, you will contribute to providing Up to 100 meals for hungry children, as Food Network Kitchen has partnered with No Kid Hungry to do this.

You can download it here.


BigOven does not differ much from the applications in the list of the best cooking applications for Android 2020 devices, it helps you to simplify cooking and is home to many recipes and you can make an integrated meal planner in this application so that you can prepare everything for the next week and you can get ideas for recipes at the moment In which you open the application, because it allows you to follow what your friend or family applies and the application also allows you to add recipes that you find to your own lists, and save them and you can also publish your own recipes through this application and comment on others it is considered a social application and comes free and You can purchase additional items within the application.

You can download it here.



Comes with us in the list of the best cooking apps for Android 2020 KptnCook, which is a special application for healthy meals that you can cook in less than 30 minutes, whether they are vegetarian or low-carb meals. The application contains educational programs for pictures step by step, so that you do not make mistakes during cooking and contains An integrated map will help you find the nearest grocery store in the event that you are traveling and offers you 3 new recipes for healthy meals every day and the app adds you a calculator and nutritional information so that it does not exceed your diet and is a free application.

You can download it here.


Yummly contains over 2 million recipes for different dishes and each recipe comes with step-by-step instructions through which you will be able to cook easily and the application adds thousands of recipes per week and the application depends on providing you with recipes from the most famous food forums in the world and adds many videos to you That helps you smooth cooking without problems and with it you can avoid seeing meals that you are allergic to or offer only Tibetan meals and you can create your own recipe groups by saving recipes that you like and is a free application but you can buy additional items from within the application .

You can download it here.

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