Best Battery Saver Apps for Android [2020]

Most people are using smartphones more than computers and laptops at this time, your smartphone needs some software to stop the severe battery discharge if you have to, this is certainly a reprowl. Using a smartphone in games, surfing the Internet, or even taking pictures and other processes that we cannot all mention in this article takes up a lot of battery because these processes use a lot of random memory known as RAM.

Storage space and performance are also consumed In addition, the processor’s battery consumption is noticeable, all of which is on the phone is a lot of work at the same time, but considering the applications that work in the background, they consume a lot of battery, especially they are not directly used. But the situation is that some software helps to lock these applications in the background or even some unnecessary tasks that don’t need them and also work without warning. Using this software extends battery life throughout the day, and you will notice a longer Standby life with a noticeable difference if you don’t notice a difference in battery consumption for the monitor.

Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

KasperSky Battery Life

Kaspersky’s battery saver is one of the best smartphone battery-saving apps available for Android phones on the Google Store, because it will help you improve battery consumption by giving you the information you need on how your phone’s battery is being consumed and in which apps have been used, and what’s also running in the background, Whether at a time if the phone is active or not.

You can also use the automatic scanning feature to lock unnecessary applications and tasks that run in the background, the application is free but has payments.

Avast Battery Saver

Another application with a great month of smartphone users, and it is also a part of the popular Avast app series to detect and eliminate viral. The Avast Battery Saver app is one of the best battery-saving apps in Google Store but has the app’s one-tap stop/run feature.

However, the application has 5 modes of use, including Home Mode, Smart Mode, work Mode, night Mode and Emergency Mode. You can also schedule these modes depending on your usage.


It is also a powerful alternative to other applications, used by millions of users, a simple, light application that simply works, has the feature of configuring the phone to active applications, saves device resources such as parameters, processors, and identifies which applications consume these resources accurately and efficiently unlike other applications The app is not only concerned with the battery but also with the rest of the smartphone.

The application also works on applicable phones, which have the root mode and which is not in use in the root mode, the application also issues notifications to your smartphone, which means you can delete unwanted applications through notifications. There are also several other benefits that you will discover yourself over time when you use the app, so let’s recommend trying it out.


One of the best applications not only locks non-essential apps in the background, It also manages battery consumption on a smartphone and reviews battery consumption ratios for both parts of the device such as the processor and gives you a general view of phone consumption at any time whether the phone is active or not. It also gives you accurate data about the speed of your phone’s charging.

See your smartphone’s battery life and battery health, and the app has a Smart Alert feature that alerts you when your phone is charging, you can use the app in pro mode to use all of its features in concert.

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